Tuesday, October 14, 2008

By Maddy...with love

Hello peoples,
My name is Maddy Funmaker. I'm 8 years old (almost 9.) I'll tell you a little about myself. I love soccer (I own that field!!!), I'm good at dance and I love to do gymnastics.
I have a mom named Alisha, a dad named Gary and an awesome sister named McKenzie.
My favorite color is red. My favorite football team is THE PACKERS! THEY ROCK!
My favorite foods are cheese, brownies and chocolate.
My favorite things to do are playing dolls, bratz and polly pockets.
I love staying at my grandma Cindy's house and at my grampi's house.
I love to visit my dad in Green Bay. In the summer (my dad's side of the family) we take a trip to Wisconsin Dells and we have a great time together.
I'll see you later and I hope you had a great time reading this.
Love , Maddy

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The Zerbe Family said...

Nice to meet you Maddy! Love to hear YOU OWN THAT FIELD! You go girl! Can't wait to see the pics of you on that field again. Hope you get better super fast! Take care little Funmaker, love you bunches.