Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey accident prone child "Maddy" tripped and fell playing soccer during afternoon recess at school on Tuesday and cracked her 6th rib!!!! Oh that girl...always hurting something. Not much they can do for a cracked rib so we are just putting heat on it and taking Motrin. She will not be able to participate in gym class or at recess for the next few weeks and is the kicker...HOCKEY starts!!!! Pray for her!


The Zerbe Family said...

Oh Maddy. I'm so sorry to hear you are hurt and have to miss out on Hockey. Poor thing! I'll keep you in my prayers. Take it easy and be sure to take advantage of all the attention you can get.... breakfast in bed...animal pancakes, Mom reading your favorite book to you, go nuts!

The Hansons said...

Hi Alisha!
Good to hear from you, and thank you for the "shout-out" to Ronnie!
Sorry to hear about the broken rib Maddy!
I will be sure to follow your adventures now.
I don't remember seeing any pics of the kids in San Diego. WOuld love to see them though!
Take Care!